Searching by DNA Haplotypes in and Family Tree Maker

As I’ve learned more about DNA with respect to genealogy, I see the need for a future feature in and Family Tree Maker to search on the results of a Genealogical DNA test. This would allow matching on Mitochondrial, mtDNA, and Paternal, Y-DNA, haplogroups and haplotypes.
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DNA for the Genalogist

Like many of you, I’ve been seeing a lot of advertising and marketing about having DNA tests performed for Genealogy purposes. From watching “Forensics Files” and other crime shows, I knew that Mitochondrial DNA was passed from mother to child. Was there more to “Genealogy by DNA” than simply determining maternal ancestors?
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Using Google for genealogy searches

Searching with Google is a great way to locate information about ancestors. However, when using Google to perform genealogy lookups it is good to remember that Google can support complicated searches.

Suppose you were looking for marriage information on George Smith and Elizabeth Doe in North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky or Tennessee; then you might use a Google Search like: continue reading » »

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Census records can be misleading

I enjoy watching  “Forensic Files” and other crime investigation shows.  Genealogy work, in someways, is similar to “Forensics”.  A critical source of information when performing genealogy tasks are Census records. However, as in “Forensics” continue reading » »

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Look in Southwestern Virginia [or was that Kentucky or West Virginia?]

My family and several generations are from the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US. From a genealogical perspective this is both a blessing an a curse
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How I got into the hobby of genealogy and ancestor research

When I was a teenager, I had a great interest in “all things” related to the US Civil War. My grandaunt, my father’s aunt, was a librarian and genealogist. She recognized my interest in history and got me interested in my family history. I have a number of books that she wrote about our family history.
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